Weight Room Attendant

The Weight Room Attendant will enforce all policies and guidelines set by University Recreation, Fitness Recreation and the weight room area. He/she is also expected to treat co-workers with respect and consider them to be your “teammates” on staff.  The Weight Room Attendant answers directly to the Facility Supervisor. The sequence of command thereafter is to report to the Weight Room Programmer, then the Assistant Director for Fitness and finally to the Director of University Recreation. It is the responsibility of the Weight Room Specialist to carry out the duties and abide by the policies listed below:

  • Report to work on time and clock-in at the scheduled time. 15 minutes prior to your shift is your reported shift time. Any adjustments need to be discussed with Director of Fitness. Tardiness will NOT be tolerated.
  • Complete opening and closing duties in the weight room and have a facility supervisor sign.
  • Provide a safe workout environment by supervising and maintaining the weight room and participants. *Children under the age of 13 are prohibited in the weight room. Children between the ages of 13-16 are to be accompanied by an adult at all times.*
  • Maintain the weight room in a neat and orderly fashion.  Dumbbells should be replaced and reorganized; benches, dumbbell handles, and machines should be wiped down during and after each shift.  Check the tightness of the hex nuts on all barbells.  If they are loose, tighten them. Organize belts, straps, clips, plates, bars, benches, dumbbells, etc. Pick up dumbbells, plates (including Olympic lifts), clips, etc not being used.
  • Opening shifts (Mon-Fri) will be required to put out clean towels daily and closing shifts (Sun-Thurs) will be required to take up dirty towels and dispose of them in the designated place. *This includes the aerobic area at the Quinn*
  • Assist participants through weight training workouts (spotting).  Be aware of participants not requesting assistance, as many may struggle with an exercise when fatigue sets in.  Watch for dangerous activities and provide spots on heavy lifts.
  • Make sure clips are used on all lifts.
  • Check out equipment as requested and keep track of it.
  • Make sure no food, drink, etc. is carried into WR area.
  • Make sure all weights, equipment, etc. is kept away from windows and mirrors.
  • Continuously move around entire weight room area to monitor all patrons (do not stay behind counter the entire time).
  • Oversee participants and their use of the equipment and machines at all times (safety).  Homework, leisure reading, and personal tasks will NOT be permitted in the Weight Room.
  • Eating is NOT permitted while on duty
  • Cell phone use will NOT be tolerated while on duty.
  • The use of tobacco or alcohol while on duty will result in immediate dismissal.
  • The console telephone is for work related use only. Do NOT use the phone for personal use.
  • The console area should not be entered by anyone who is not on duty. This includes social visits with friends or off duty employees.
  • Be available to answer general questions on weight training.
  • It is suggested that you maintain current CPR/AED and BBP certifications.
  • Record statistics every half hour and return the statistics sheet to the Facility Supervisor at closing.
  • Pick up trash and leave the facility clean.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Assistant Director for Fitness.
  • Be prepared to execute emergency procedures established by University Recreation as needed.
  • Be LOYAL and maintain a PROFESSIONAL attitude and image consistent with the philosophical spirit of the program.

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