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TessaTessaShufordHometown: Shelby, NC
Major: Exercise Science
Training Philosophy: The most important part of starting your fitness journey is building a solid foundation of basic training/nutrition principles and trusting the process.

Paul PTHometown: Granite Falls, NC
Major: Exercise Science
Training Philosophy: The body achieves what the mind believes.

Mitch PT.JPGHometown: Charlotte, NC
Major: Public Relations
Training Philosophy: Control the weight.

CarolinePaintHometown: Charlotte, NC
Major: Exercise Science
Training Philosophy: My goal with my clients is to provide a positive and motivating environment for them to learn and grow. Everyone starts somewhere, and I want to be there every step of the way! I want my clients to learn to love putting in the hard work, and most importantly, to trust the process. I use all different types of training such as circuit training, high interval training, isometric, high volume training, etc. I put what is in the best interest of my client first, therefore personalizing a program that will help them reach their goals. Many tend to focus solely on external appearance, while losing sight of what is most important,  simply being healthy! By the time my clients are finished working with me, I hope they have gained a passion for fitness and nutrition like I have over the years.


Hometown: Roswell, New Mexico

Major: Exercise Science

Training Philosophy: I believe that there is a lot of time-wasting going on in the fitness industry. A lot of people get sold on the idea that they can change their body or accomplish their goals by doing something easy or taking shortcuts. This is not me, nor will I let my clients have this mentality. I am a firm believer in a training process that is simple, hard, and effective. I believe basic barbell strength training done in a progressively loaded fashion, paired with a solid work ethic, and attention to recovery can do more to change a person's life than anything else. Whether the goal is improved appearance, weight loss, strength, improved general quality of life, or athletic performance. My training is all backed by evidence, both emperical and anecdotal. I would love to help you reach your goals!


Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Major: Exercise Science

Training Philosophy: Starting your fitness journey with the right instruction, while eliminating the loads of misinformation, is crucial to help begin to build foundational knowledge for a lifetime of improvement on your fitness journey. I believe in instituting firm scientific principles to training to optimize training effects to help you reach your goal.



Hometown: Fortaleza, Brazil

Major: Exercise Science

Training Philosophy: Make it fun and challenging! I always try to motivate my clients in a long term and also educate them so they can feel safe and confident in the weight room. The main focus is reaching their goals, but also assess their mechanics and work on eventual posture issues, creating a stable base with good balance. 

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